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- Unit of Health Care Management

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Our unit carries out research on health service organisation and management at operational level (hospitals, districts, local health systems) and on policy issues affecting this level. In practice, we do research in low- and middle-income countries in partnership with local research institutions and health services.

Our research and expertise is built on systemic analysis of health systems that explicitly takes into account complexity. To this end, the unit has researchers with a background in public health or social sciences and with long experience in management of health services and programmes in low- and middle-income countries.

We have a keen interest in management, decision-making theory, medical sociology and anthropology, organizational theory and policy analysis. We are also developing practical applications of theory-driven enquiry so that our research not only answers the question whether an intervention works, but also how and in which context. Finally, our activities include research-based support for the programmes of the Belgian Technical Cooperation and the European Union.

Research themes