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Health and social protection: experiences from Cambodia, China and Lao. (SHSOP 23)

This is a testing time for health policy-makers and researchers in Cambodia, China and Lao PDR. They are experiencing momentous changes to their economic system, social organisation, demography and epidemiological profile. Their health systems are struggling to meet new patterns of need and adapt to rapidly changing contexts.

Households in all three countries face major problems in meeting the high cost of health care and many have to make difficult decisions between denying a sick family member care and risking impoverishment. As a result governments are under growing pressure to ensure widespread access to health care and to protect households against high medical costs.

Authored by scholars and policy actors from Asia, Europe and Australia from a variety of academic disciplines this book addresses the challenge of applying social protection concepts to health. It explores the challenges of managing pro-poor health system development in the context of these countries’ transition to a market economy.

Part 1: Major illness in Asia

Part 2: Health system and policy

Part 3: scheme design and implementation

Part 4: Scheme evaluation