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On Friday 30 September, the Department of Public Health organised a seminar on complexity, the first of a series through which it aims at contributing to a paradigm shift in the field of research and evaluation in health and development.

The malaria mosquito is getting used to insecticides and therefore increasingly bites during the day and outside the home. This means that more needs to be done in addition to the use of mosquito nets in order to further reduce the incidence of malaria.

Rabies is responsible for more than 60.000 deaths a year, mostly young children in Africa and Asia. However, it is a disease that is entirely preventable through vaccination of children and dogs. The World Health Organization wants to eradicate rabies globally by 2030. ITM supports this objective through its research into improved vaccination schedules.

Around 250 researchers and health experts gathered at ITM from 12 until 15 September to review progress made against Ebola.

Six laureates of the Development Cooperation Prize were welcomed by the provincial authorities on Monday afternoon 12 September. Two of them, Romelei Camiling-Alfonso and Ha Dinh Thu, are ITM Master students.

The 58th ITM Colloquium joins forces with the 8th International Symposium on Filoviruses this year to offer Antwerp a big Ebola conference from 12 to 15 September 2016.

Tijdens een door Flanders Investment & Trade georganiseerde economische missie in Guinee bezocht Vlaams minister Ben Weyts het nationale bloedtransfusiecentrum, waar tijdens het onderzoek het bloedplasma van ebola-overlevers verzameld werd.

The 3-week course will take place from 6 until 24 March 2017 at ITM in Antwerp.

Dr. Patrick Soentjens and Dr. Ula Maniewski of ITM’s travel clinic explain what travelers need to know about the outbreak.

Distance and blended learning have grown greatly during the last decade, offering opportunities to connect students but also introducing new challenges in the learning landscape. ITM and the Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru, India jointly organise the second workshop on Distance/Blended Learning 'Get Started, Keep Moving' from 19 until 23 September  2016 at ITM.