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Van Olmen
Dienst Gezondheidszorgorganisatie

Josefien van Olmen, MD, MPH works as a Health Systems Scientist at the Department of Public Health at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp. She has worked in East Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan and the Netherlands, in clinical and in public health. Her areas of expertise are Health Systems Analysis & Strengthening, Organisation of Care for Chronic Diseases, Health Service Delivery, and Methodology for Evaluation of Complex Interventions. Her main present activities are the coordination of a network on Health Systems ( and research on the quality and access to care for diabetes patients in Kinshasa. She is also involved in teaching and coaching of students in the MPH and short course on health policy.

  • Health systems development
  • Health service delivery
  • Organisation of care for chronic diseases
  • Geographical Experience: East-Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Belgium, Netherlands.
  • Network on International Health Policy & Health Systems: disseminate informations, share views and develop knowledge, evidence and expertise on Health Systems Strengthening in Low and Middle Income Countries.
  • Developing and assisting in research projects on care for chronic diseases in Cambodia, Congo, Philippines and Morocco.
  • Improving Access To Quality Care for People Living with Diabetes in Kinshasa, Congo.
  • Developing methodology for evaluation of complex interventions
  • Short Course in Health Policy, Master of Health Systems Management & Policy: Health Systems & Health Systems Strengthening.
  • Coaching: MPH thesis, Central Assignments Short Course
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