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Adjustment of rabies treatment due to vaccine stock-outs

We expect the stock-out to be resolved by 1 October 2019.


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Due to stock-outs of the rabies vaccine at supplier level, we need to temporarily adjust our advice on preventive rabies vaccination. The current stocks must remain available for vaccination after exposure to the virus.

Vaccination after exposure (post-exhibition prophylaxis or "PEP")

Vaccines to treat patients after exposure remain available, but only for Belgian travel clinics. Doctors can mitigate vaccine shortages by adopting intradermal PEP schedules (1/10 of the dose).

Vaccination before exposure (pre-exhibition prophylaxis or "PrEP")

Rabies PrEP schedules are now strongly discouraged because the stock must remain available for vaccination after exposure.

The traveller can be vaccinated before undertaking a journey only if he/she is likely to run a very high risk (occupational risk or in other exceptional circumstances) and if the travel clinic has enough annual stock. The intradermal schedule is preferred in this case (2²ID schedule: 2x 0.1 ml on day 0 and day 7).

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