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An alumna's visit to ITM

Jessika Hu was an MPH-DC student in 2009-2010. She visited ITM in early October.


Image 1/2 : you see a picture of Jessika Hu with her daughter and several alumni

Jessika Hu was an MPH-DC student in 2009/2010. During the MPH course (in April) she had a baby girl. She visited ITM in early October, just after her successful PhD defence, to show her daughter where she was born and reunite with fellow alumni and staff.

"My PhD research was with the School of Public Health and Primary Care of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The title of the project was "Interventional study to reduce antibiotic over-prescribing among children with upper respiratory infections (URIs) in rural Guangxi, China". This was a pilot study of the feasibility of a package of interventions for clinicians and caregivers to reduce the antibiotic prescription rate and was funded by a £150,000 MRC/Wellcome Trust grant, which I wrote. We conducted this study in preparation for a large cluster randomized trial. During year two of my doctoral studies I was awarded a Fulbright scholarship by the United States Department of State to go to the University of North Carolina (UNC) for the study of "community interventions to improve the quality of care for infectious diseases", which enabled me to learn more about clinical trials, statistics for interventions and academic grant writing. During my Fulbright period I also applied for postdoctoral positions, including the Newton International Fellowship, which is a joint online application between the candidate and the collaborating institution. Right before my PhD defense in September I learned that I received the Newton Award from the British Academy & Royal Society for two years at Southampton University! This fellowship is intended to build a global pool of research leaders and encourage long-term international collaboration. My research topic for this fellowship will continue to focus on interventions to reduce unnecessary antimicrobial prescribing and resistance. My current work is preparing for the Newton fellowship, which has the potential to develop into a faculty position."

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