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Travel plans? Be in time for your vaccine!

Waiting time for a consultation can last up to seven weeks


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The travel clinic of ITM has experienced a sharp decline in the number of travel consultations and vaccinations in the past two years. But this seems to be completely behind us now. Currently, waiting time for a consultation can last up to seven weeks. It is therefore important to make an appointment in time.

After two quiet years, since May it is once again all hands on deck in the Belgian travel clinics, including that of ITM. The vaccinators have noticed a sharp increase in the number of requests for travel vaccines, such as those for yellow fever, hepatitis and rabies.

“It is positive that travellers are once again finding their way to the travel clinic. Because the importance of vaccines cannot be underestimated,” says Dr Ula Maniewski-Kelner, infectiologist at ITM’s travel clinic. “Meanwhile, in terms of the amount of patients we see for travel consultations, we are back to the level of 2018. Currently, waiting times can last up to seven weeks. So don’t wait too long to make an appointment,” she warns.

For most vaccines, you can also go to your GP. Except for yellow fever, which you can only get at a recognised vaccination centre, such as the clinic of ITM.

Wanda: from African tick bite fever to Zika

For a whole range of travel destinations, travel vaccines are highly recommended or even mandatory. This way you can avoid getting sick abroad or bringing illnesses back to home. Do you want to know which vaccines are necessary for your trip? Then consult

This website and app gives you a clear overview of all necessary vaccinations and the most important health risks for each travel destination. Moreover, with the free app you can also consult all the information offline.

“Wanda obviously does not replace a personal consultation,’ says Dr Maniewski-Kelner. “Each individual is different and travel conditions often vary. The best preparation remains a visit to the doctor.”

For professionals there is now ‘Wanda for doctors’. “We have expanded Wanda with information specifically meant for doctors. This allows them to prepare their patients even better for a trip,” says Dr Ula Maniewski-Kelner. Wanda for doctors is only available as a website, not an app. 

Do you have any travel plans? Check out Wanda, consult your GP or make an appointment at ITM or at another travel clinic.

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