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Cholera stamp abolished

On January 25th 2018 the Belgian Travel Clinics decided to stop using the stamp 'Cholera vaccine not indicated'.


Image 1/1 : Cholera stamp

Since the 90's Belgian travelers travelling to certain African countries, obtained a cholera stamp in their vaccination certificate mentioning that "cholera vaccination is not indicated".

Some countries required an official vaccination certificate even though the WHO no longer recommended this vaccination and even though travelers usually aren't exposed to cholera. Persons can get infected with cholera when there is no access to clean drinking water.

Because travelers usually don't travel in such poor conditions, cholera vaccine is not recommended. On 25 January 2018 the Belgian travel clinics decided to stop using the stamp 'Cholera vaccine not indicated'. Most of our neighbouring countries no longer use this stamp and travelers experience no difficulties at the border.

The old vaccination certificates with such a cholera stamp don't have to be replaced, but we will no longer put the cholera stamp in the new vaccination certificates.

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