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Emerging Voices is looking for evaluators

After a decade of training Emerging Voices, we are curious to see if the initiative managed to make a change, but also to look forward and analyse how it can remain relevant and innovative for the future.


Image 1/1 : Emerging Voice Aku Kwamie at ECTMIH 2017

Emerging Voices is looking to recruit one or two evaluators to help identify key lessons learned, and make recommendations for upcoming challenges. Alumni, members of the global health community, staff at partner institutes and all other relevant stakeholders should be able to make their voices heard.

This year Emerging Voices celebrates its 10 year anniversary. The initiative began as a training programme for young, promising health policy and systems researchers (HPSR), mainly from lower and middle income countries. Gradually, Emerging Voices grew into a network. 

Emerging Voices focusses on changing the traditional narrative in health policy and systems research by giving voice to alternative profiles, interested in becoming influential global health voices or local change makers. This is done by training selected candidates on the use of innovative (conference) formats, and giving them access to a broad network of change makers.


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