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Film: Health in All and the tribal population in South India

01-08-16 13:30

Image 1/1 : picture of hands cutting some plants , with a title " Health in All and the tribal population of South India "

In 2015-2016, IPH and ITM researchers engaged with professional filmmaker Lode Desmet. The resulting ‘Health in All’ documentary makes a case for a 'Health in All' approach, starting from the realities and needs as voiced by members of tribal communities.

In the first place meant to support postgraduate and masters’ training at IPH and ITM, the film has relevance as eye-opener for responsive health systems, for health and social policymakers and actors worldwide. In advance of its official release at the Bangalore conference EPHP (Bringing Evidence into Public Health Policy, 8-9 July 2016), ‘Health in All’ will be screened at ITM.

Ongoing IPH-ITM collaborative research with tribal populations in South India (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) confirmed and unraveled social exclusion as a major obstacle to health and wellbeing. For health systems to effectively respond to the health needs of these particularly vulnerable populations, an approach is needed that reaches beyond the health sector, to be able to redress exclusion at large. Such essentially multi-sectorial approach is known as ‘Health in All’ policies.

The Institute of Public Health (IPH, Bangalore, India) and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM, Antwerp) are long-standing partners in health systems research, education and advocacy within the framework provided by the Belgian Development Cooperation.

Location | Institute of Tropical Medicine, Room C, Nationalestraat 155, 2000 Antwerpen
Date | Friday 1 July
Hour | 12 noon

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