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ITM alumni win Prize for Global Research of the Province of Antwerp

Four former students received the honor for their master's thesis.


Image 1/1 : (c) Universiteit Antwerpen - Ben Van den Broecke

Four former ITM master’s students, graduates of our MSc in Public Health and MSc in Tropical Animal Health (2019-2020) have been awarded the 2020 Prize for Global Research of the Province of Antwerp. Through this award, the Province of Antwerp wants to stimulate research relating to the global South. The Province has been handing out this award since 1996.

The Prize for Global Research (formerly called Prize for Development Cooperation) is awarded yearly by the Province of Antwerp to ‘master-after-master’-students of ITM and the Institute of Development Policy (IOB) - University of Antwerp, whose master's thesis focuses on topics such as economy, politics, society, culture, environment, (public) health or medicine (human and animal). Development relevance, quality and originality of the master theses are central in the selection criteria.

The COVID-19-restricted award ceremony took place on Wednesday afternoon 16 September 2020.

Luk Lemmens, Deputy of Global Policy at the Province of Antwerp, presented the prizes: "We want to stimulate students throughout their study career and make them think about global issues. At university level, we therefore have the Provincial Prize for Global Research. The University of Antwerp, with its Institute for Development Policy, and the Institute of Tropical Medicine are the ideal partners for this. The unique expertise of these higher education institutions extends far beyond the Province of Antwerp. As Provincial Government, we therefore emphasize the importance of this collaboration."

In total, eight laureates have been awarded with the Prize for Global Research 2020. The Prizes awarded to the four ITM laureates have been accepted on their behalf by their ITM thesis coaches or departmental educational coordinators.

The four ITM laureates are:

  • Orawan Tawaytibhongs from Thailand, who completed her Master of Science in Public Health – Health Systems and Disease Control programme (HS topic). Her thesis is entitled “Universal Health Coverage for Undocumented Migrant Workers in Thailand. Challenges in Policy Implementation”.
  • Eugène Vernyuy Yeika from Cameroon, who completed his Master of Science in Public Health – Health Systems and Disease Control programme (DC topic). His thesis is entitled “Self-medication with antibiotics in Africa - Comparative Assessment of Prevalence, Practices and Determinants.”
  • Olujuwon Justin Ibiloye from Nigeria completed the Master of Science in Public Health – Tropical Medicine and International Health. His thesis is entitled “Effect of community-based ART service delivery along the cascade of HIV care on clinical outcomes among key populations.  A systematic review of the evidence from sub-Saharan Africa and a case study from Lagos state, Nigeria.”
  • Luna Gongal, from Nepal is the laureate of the Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health programme. Her thesis is entitled Knowledge, Attitude and Practices about rabies and dog- management in the Nepalese population.”

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