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Monkeypox PCR tests now at ITM

Potentially infected persons can now be traced faster.


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The Institute for Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp received permission from the authorities to work with the monkeypox virus. Thanks to this authorisation, the PCR test can now be performed at the ITM. This allows for faster detection of the monkeypox virus and thus helps to prevent its spread more quickly.

PCR tests are well-known to confirm corona infections, whereby nose and throat samples are taken to detect the virus. To detect the monkeypox virus, doctors take samples of the vesicles and scabs on the skin. The sample then goes to the ITM laboratory where research is carried out to determine the presence of the monkey pox virus. 

"Thanks to the PCR test we can very accurately and quickly detect infection with the virus. This allows us to isolate possible new cases quickly in order to minimise further spread", says Marjan Van Esbroeck, head of the Clinical Reference Laboratory of the ITG.    

Do you have a rash that looks like monkey pox? 

Make an appointment with our clinic. During consultation, one of the doctors will take a sample which will then be sent to the laboratory. If the result is positive, you will be contacted for further follow-up. It is important that you inform high-risk contacts as soon as possible, including housemates, sex partners and people with whom you had close contact. If they develop symptoms, they should contact a doctor themselves. 

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