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International researchers gather in Antwerp to discuss pathogens

10-05-16 15:04

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The 13th International Meeting Molecular Epidemiology and Evolutionary Genetics of Infectious Diseases (MEEGID XIII) is the leading conference on molecular evolution of all pathogens, including viruses, pathogenic bacteria, fungi, parasites and prions. From 11 to 13 May, more than 200 international top experts will also discuss international health problems, including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, malaria, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases. The conference is hosted by the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp (ITM).

The MEEGID congress series, organised by Elsevier, brings scientists in contact with other researchers outside their own field of expertise. Plenary lectures and symposia will tackle transversal topics such as population genetics, evolution, speciation, bioinformatics, and genome studies.

“In order to continuously improve, a researcher must also encounter scientists from other disciplines, because it inspires and leads to new ideas. We are proud that top scientists from all over the world come to Antwerp, because MEEGID is a unique forum for cross-fertilization between evolutionary science in the broad sense and biomedical research on infectious diseases,” said Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Dujardin, Head of ITM’s Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Short course “Applied molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases”

In the run-up to the conference, ITM organised an English two-week course. During this course, the participants learned hands-on application of molecular tools in infectious disease research.

During the first week advanced lab and computer skills were trained that were required for the specialised part. In the second week the participants could opt for expert training in advanced techniques to be applied in their own research of leishmania, malaria or tuberculosis. In the meantime, they had plenty of opportunities to interact with each other, and thereafter were able to meet international top experts in the field during the MEEGID conference taking place in the following week.

The organisation of the course was enabled with the support of NIPRO.

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