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New vaccination schedule for rabies

The new WHO vaccination schedule is applicable in Belgium from 1th May 2018.


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On 1 May 2018 the preventive vaccination schedule in Belgium was changed from three visits in 28 days to a schedule of 2 visits in 7 days. This change is based on the new WHO guidelines for rabies (April 2018).

The rabies vaccine will be administered on days 0 and 7 and can be applied by 2 techniques:

  • either as a double intradermal dose (2 x 0,1 ml) at two different injection sites (for example, in the anterior side of both forearms)
  • or as 1 dose (1 ml) intramuscular in the deltoid muscle.

Preventive vaccination is indicated for the following people:

  • People who stay for long periods in a high-risk region or in remote regions where prompt medical help is not available.
  • People who frequently travel to endemic regions.
  • Travellers who take a long bicycle tour or joggers in endemic regions.
  • Children who go to live with their parents in endemic regions.
  • People who run a high risk due to their occupation or activities, such as veterinarians, foresters, veterinary students, or volunteers who protect bats.
  • Military personnel who go on missions to endemic regions.
  • Laboratory technicians or experts who come into contact with the virus as part of their work (for example, laboratory work).

The rabies vaccination is available in all vaccination centres and, if available in the patient's usual pharmacist, also with the treating physician.

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