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Next academic year at ITM: let’s get prepared

ITM is taking all precautionary measures to guarantee the safety of both students and staff for the upcoming academic year.


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Based on the information that is currently available and taken into account a certain level of uncertainty about how the pandemic will evolve and the government’s response to it, ITM’s aim is to organise next academic year as follows.

All educational activities that can be organised on campus, will indeed be organised face-to-face, although with some differences as compared to the previous years. We will only use big enough venues to allow physical distancing. We will also make sure that any other sanitary measures recommended by our health authorities can be implemented. 

At the same time we will move to a blended learning format. Face-to-face teaching and learning activities will be reduced compared to previous years and will be mixed with distance and/or online coached and self-learning activities. 

Moreover, the face-to-face activities will be organised in such a way that they can be followed online (synchronously) at distance. This will facilitate participation of students who are (temporarily) subjected to travel restrictions. Through diverse didactic approaches, such as ‘flipping of classrooms’, we assure that the time you will spend on campus, or synchronously online, will really provide you an enriching learning experience. 

We hope that we have provided you with some insights in the way we will organise next academic year. Our goal is to welcome all students on our campus, with respect of all safety guidelines and with all necessary measures to safeguard everybody’s wellbeing. Feel free to contact us in case you would have any questions. 

Take care,
Marc-Alain Widdowson 
Director of ITM

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