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Connecting the dots

60th ITM Colloquium

09-10 Oct 2019

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At the 60th ITM Colloquium, we will be connecting the dots between some of the most pressing issues facing the tropical medicine and international health community.


Trade, travel and migration have turned our world into one global space. We are all increasingly connected and boundaries between countries and continents seem to have become irrelevant. At the same time, the boundaries of our planet are clearer than ever. Climate change, increasing population pressures, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity affect more places and people than ever before. Planet Earth is under huge pressure.


More and more people migrate to cities, with implications for their health and well-being. Around the globe, many communities are affected by conflict, violence and war. Climate change is not only affecting food production and land use, but also human and animal disease patterns, adding to the challenges for health systems, programmes and services. The impact of chronic diseases is increasing rapidly everywhere. Building strong systems serving ageing populations is of the essence. But the same goes for raising preparedness in the case of new, unexpected outbreaks and emerging infections.


All of this is happening in a dynamic geopolitical context. Global responses to cross-border health problems are not self-evident and if undertaken tend to focus on national health security. More equitable international cooperation is urgently needed. Action for climate is loudly clamoured for but is not sufficiently enacted upon. Countries and institutes across Africa, Asia and Latin-America are increasingly taking health and medical sciences in their own hands. Policy-makers, researchers and health professionals face unprecedented challenges, while technology promises plenty of new opportunities. If used wisely, innovative diagnostics, digitalisation and even artificial intelligence might be strong allies towards achieving health for all.

What do we make of all this? 
Let's connect the dots on 9-10 October in Antwerp!

Key speakers will present their ideas and challenge our views, including outgoing ITM Director Bruno Gryseels and his successor Marc-Alain Widdowson on October 9, with interactive sessions on October 10.

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