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ALUMNI WEBINAR #7 - CORONA IN PERU: Interventions, challenges, lessons learnt and way forward

Webinar with Dr Larissa Otero.

07 Jul 202015:00 - 16:00

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Peru was one of the first Latin America countries to go into lockdown in March 2020 – but more than three months later the country is one of the region’s worst-hit by Covid-19 and has partially flattened the curve. Which type of interventions have been implemented? Which are the main challenges the country is facing in the fight against COVID-19? Which are the lessons learnt and way forward?
These questions will be discussed by ITM alumna Dr Larissa Otero (MPH 2008 and PhD 2016) and involved in the Corona-outbreak in Peru as epidemiologist.

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In the webinar series, ITM alumni present their impressions on the current situation of the COVID-19 outbreak in their country and/or in specific health-related fields (e.g. maternal health), and highlight how they are engaged in this global fight against the pandemic. The main aim of this webinar series is to share experiences, expertise and good practices within the ITM community of alumni, students, staff, partner institutions and global health community. 


  • Dr Larissa Otero, Assistant Professor, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru


  • Dr Tine Verdonck, Researcher, Tropical Infectious Diseases Group, ITM