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Graduation ceremony Master in Public Health

06 Jul 201715:30

Image 1/1 : Graduation ceremony Master in Public Health

On Thursday, 6th July, the official graduation ceremony of the Master (MSc) in Public Health, class of 2017, with specialisations in Disease Control (MPH-DC), Health Systems Management and Policy (MPH-HSMP) and International Health (MPH-IH), will take place on the Campus Rochus of the Institute of Tropical Medicine. During the musically animated ceremony, the diplomas will be officially handed over to the course participants.

The new graduates will return home with a backpack filled with newly acquired knowledge and skills. These will enable them, wherever they will pursue their careers , to skilfully coordinate the fight against tropical and chronic diseases, to address new global health threats, to control reproductive health problems, to lead the management of health care delivery systems, and to design new health policies. By providing the course participants with a comprehensive training, ITM contributes to developing strong health systems in resource-constrained settings and improving the health of individuals and populations worldwide.

At the end of this graduation day we will wish our new Masters farewell during a dinner party at the Antwerp Zoo.