Additional travel health information for medical doctors

As a doctor, you may be looking for more specific information than the information available on Wanda. (The travel medicine website and app Wanda contains general information on health risks and vaccination advice per country. In addition, Wanda contains general information on measures that travellers can take to reduce these risks.)

This page contains information about the Consensus Meetings and a few learning tools and documents.

Deep venous thrombosis

Hepatitis A and B


National Travel Medicine Seminars

Learning clinical decision-making with Kabisa

Kabisa is an electronic learning environment. With Kabisa, students and physicians can sharpen their diagnostic skills. The software is available as freeware.


This is the online version of the course notes on clinical tropical medicine written by ITM experts. Wikitropica is an evidence-based and very elaborate online encyclopedia but is not intended as a clinical reference.


(Edition intended for the medical profession, not updated since 2016).

Individual chapters

Medasso (Nederlands)

Gezondheidsadviezen voor reizigers - uitgave 2016-2017

Medasso (Frans)

Conseils de santé pour voyageurs - version 2016-2017

Consensus meetings