Student IT Services FAQ

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This FAQ contains information about:

ITM Students Wireless Network
Printing, scanning, photocopying
Computer lab
IT Support for Students
Resetting your password
Using 'Campus'

ITM Students Wireless Network

Available to:

  • Course students (with
  • PhDs, interns, individual students who have an ITM username (

Not available to:

  • ITM employees
  • Visitors

How to use 'ITM Students'

  • Connect to 'ITM Students' and use '' (course student) or '' (PhD, intern, individual student) and your personal password.
  • The network will remember your password, so you don't need to enter your login every time.

Troubleshooting 'ITM Students'

  • It is important to type behind your username, otherwise it will not work!
  • On some computers you may have to try several times the first time you connect.
  • You can use 'ITM Students' on your phone.
  • You can use your account on maximum three devices.
  • The first time you connect, you may have to confirm the connection.
  • Your network settings should all be set to automatic without proxy server.
  • If you are having problems, simply delete the 'ITM Students' network and re-connect.  To delete a wireless network:
    • Windows 7:
      • Click start and type: 'Network and Sharing Center' and select it.
      • In the 'Tasks pane' on the left, click 'Manage wireless networks'.
      • Right-click the connection you want to delete, and then click 'Remove network'.
      • In the 'Manage Wireless Networks - Warning' dialog box, click OK.
    • Windows 10:
      • Click start and type: 'Manage known networks' and select it.
      • Click the network you want to delete.
      • Click on Forget.
    • Mac:
      • Go to 'System Preferences'.
      • Select the 'Internet &Wireless' section and click 'Network'.
      • Under 'Network' screen, select 'Airport/WI-FI', and then click 'Advanced'.
      • In the 'Airport' tab, select the network to remove and click on the button "-".
      • Click OK.

Printing, scanning, photocopying

Using the printer for the first time

The first time you use the printer, you will have to connect your grey security badge to your ITM account.

Hold your badge over the card reader on the right side of the screen:

The printer won't recognize your badge yet, and will ask for your username and password:

Enter your e-username and password and press 'Associate'. Your badge is now connected to your ITM account:

Next time, simply use your grey security card to login on the printer.


  • Print credits can be purchased at the Student Service.
  • The holder is responsible for keeping the grey badge and account information private (no refunds).
  • Only black & white printing.

How to print

Print your document to CPR_SECURE from an ITM computer. Prints are held in a queue until retrieved from a printer​.

Go to the printer and use your grey security badge to log in.

Press the ‘Print release’ button to access your prints:

Select the documents you want to print or delete documents from your queue.

Log out when done.

How to print on personal device

You can print from any personal device, like your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Install the software available at

Follow the instructions onscreen, fill in your credentials and install CPR_SECURE:


  • Scanning is free.
  • Scanning sends documents in PDF format to your e-mail.

How to scan

Put your document on the glass flatbed (against the corner with an arrow), or use the automatic feed at the top for multiple pages.

Use your grey security badge to log in.

Press the ‘Device functions’ button to access advanced functions and wait a few seconds.

At the top, press ‘scanner (classic)’.

Optional: you may have to change settings (ie. 2-sided original scanning when using automatic feed).

Touch the rectangle with your name. Your e-mail address will appear. Verify it is correct.

Press the green button to start scanning:

Optional: if manually scanning more than one page, you have 60 seconds to put the second page on the glass flatbed and press the green button again. This will add another page to the PDF file.

When done, press # or wait 60 seconds.

Log out when done.


  • Only black & white photocopying.
  • Print credits can be purchased at the Student Service.

How to photocopy

Put your document on the glass flatbed (against the corner with an arrow), or use the automatic feed at the top for multiple pages.

Use your grey security badge to log in.

Press the ‘Device functions’ button to access advanced functions and wait a few seconds.

At the top, press ‘copier (classic)’.

Optional: you may have to change settings (ie. 2-sided copying).

Press the green button to start photocopying.

Log out when done.

Computer lab

Using the computer lab computers

  • Please do not print during a lecture.
  • You cannot print from Firefox, you must login with VDI-W7PV(number).
  • Firefox allows only quick internet browsing, and deletes all history when closed.

How to use the computer lab computers

  • Turn on the computer (round power button).
  • Double click icon: 'computerlab login'.
  • Enter your e-username and password.
  • Double click icon that appears at bottom left: VDI-W7PV(number).
  • The windows system welcomes you, you can do your work and print if needed.
  • Log out when done.

Using the computer lab in the evenings or during the weekend

For study and (discussion) groupwork, for registered students from ITM locations: Room C (Nationalestraat 155, first floor) and the Computer Room are assigned to this activity given their proximity to the reception where permanency is guaranteed by a security guard in the evenings and during the weekends. Room C and the Computer Room have the same access hours.

Non-business access hours for students:

  • On weekdays between 6 pm and 9 pm.
  • During the weekend between 9 am and 5 pm.
  • Registration and reservation of these rooms is not necessary. The capacity of Room C is fixed at maximum 40 people, of the Computer Room at maximum 30.
  • The security guarrd will be informed both on arrival and departure by the students (always mentioning the effective number of attending students). The security guard will be at the reception or otherwise can contacted by phone number 770 (or from outside at +32 (0)3 247 07 70). A telephone is available on the wall of the main entrance hall to the left of the reception door (only for internal calls).
  • The hall is accessible through the parking (Sint-Rochusstraat) or through the biking stall (Kronenburgstraat) and through the side doors of the main building, when the main door (Nationalestraat) is closed.
  • During the weekend the PC's of the Computer Room will have to be switched on and off manually (Start > Shut down).
  • In the entire Institute, the heating will be lowered at night and cannot be regulated for an individual room. Hence, a sweater will come handy during winter.
  • Each group will, upon leaving, verify if the room and the audiovisual equipment are back in the same state (placement of the tables) as upon arrival of the group. The consumption of food and beverages is NOT allowed in the room.
  • Events organised by ITM (colloquiums or other ones) have priority in case of double bookings.
  • The Computer Room is normally used for individual work (in silence).
  • During weekends and during the week in the evenings, access is limited to the main hall and its neighboring rooms (Room C and Computer Room), so you may not enter other rooms or buildings of ITM.

IT Support for Students

Academic Support

Every Friday afternoon from 1 until 5 pm a technician is available to help you with your IT issues.  You can find the technician at the IT office (ground floor, left).

What kind of problems can the technician solve?

  • Repair of Lenovo laptops (master's students)
  • Help with problems with drivers, settings, hardware
  • Help with problems with applications

Academic Support is available for all students.

Lenovo Laptop Support

Phone and email support:

  • Every workday from 9am until 5pm at +32 3 475 19 75 (local tariff) or
  • For every problem with your computer (drivers, settings, e-mail, connectivity, etc).
  • If needed, the technician will take over your PC using TeamViewer.
  • If you have to wait longer than 2 minutes, you can request to be called back (leave a message in this case). Signpost will call back within two hours.
  • Please mention your name and that you are an ITM student.

Resetting your password

  1. Go to the password reset page.
  2. Enter your username and click ‘Search’. You will receive an e-mail in your mailbox.
  3. Go to your mailbox and click on the link in your e-mail. The link leads you to a webpage.
  4. On the webpage, enter your new password (twice) and click ‘Change Password’.
  5. Wait until password has been reset and click ‘continue’. You now have a new password.

Download the guide to reset your password (includes images).

Using 'Campus'

Campus is the Virtual Learning Environment used at ITM. Sometimes people will refer to it as 'Moodle', the name of the learning platform’s software.

  • Access Campus at:
  • Log in using your e-username or username (without “”).

For a short introduction on using Campus, you can enrol yourself in the self-guided course 'Moodle training for students'.