Institute of Tropical Medicine

52nd Annual Colloquium

Health Research towards Universal Coverage

Calling upon Emerging voices to make the difference

Universal Coverage

Access to the most appropriate health care and technology for all people at the lowest possible price. It's something every health scientist and specialist should strive for. However, achieving universal health coverage is easier said than done.


Emerging Voices

The Institute of Tropical Medicine promotes ‘Health care for all’ in its mission statement. Although progress has been made, innovative perspectives are certainly welcome.


The global health scene is still largely dominated by Northern stakeholders. We want to encourage “Emerging Voices” from developing countries to participate actively in international academic conferences and to raise their voice in the scientific debate.


That's why we are organizing our essay competition [règles en français]. We want to give junior or 'emerging' voices from the South the opportunity to present new ideas on how to progress towards universal health coverage.


Senior researchers

Although emphasis is placed on emerging voices, the format of the conference will allow contributions from some other researchers, irrespective of age or country of origin, who wish to support or challenge views presented by emerging voices.If you are interested, submit your abstract through the Colloquium secretariat. No grants will be allocated for this.


The colloquium is split in two parts, "Emerging Voices" and "Be-cause Health - ITM Joint Colloquium Day".

Winners of the essay comp

An important feature of the colloquium is our Emerging Voices essay competition. Have a look at the names of the winners.


A downloadable pdf with practical information about the venue, hotels and other miscellaneous details.

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