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Alumni meeting at the University of Gondar

Ethiopian alumni of Belgian higher education institutions meet in Addis Abeba

On 9 March, the association of Ethiopian Alumni of Belgian Universities and Higher Education  Institutes (ETHABEL) organised their first alumni-meeting at the University of Gondar, which is one of ITM’s partner institutions. ETHABEL is an initiative of Ethiopians who studied in Belgium, to keep a link to their Belgian alma mater. The association enjoys support from the Embassy of Belgium in Addis Abeba.

This first encounter gathered around 30 participants, a mix of both alumni and current students at the University of Gondar. The alumni represented both ITM as well as other Belgian higher education institutes such as the University of Leuven (KUL) and University of Ghent (UGhent).                           

The meeting was an opportunity to present a number of Belgian institutions of higher education and public utility to current students of the University of Gondar, such as ITM, KUL and VLIR-UOS (an arm of the Flemish interuniversity council that supports partnerships between universities and university colleges, in Flanders and in the South). Moreover, the Ethiopian alumni highlighted their study experiences at these institutions. ITM alumni Tewodros Ayele (MPH 2016) gave a praising testimony on his study experience at ITM and the Institute’s course offer. ITM was also represented by Lieselotte Cnops, molecular biologist and researcher at ITM’s Department of Clinical Sciences. She was present at the University of Gondar where she was following up a research study led by Professor Johan van Griensven.

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