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Anne Muendi Musuva is alumni representative in the General Council

The General Council is a newly established statutory council of the Institute of Tropical Medicine
Since its establishment on 31 January 2018, the General Council gathered for a second time on 28 March. The perfect opportunity to put Dr. Anne Muendi Musuva in the spotlight and highlight her motivation to act as representative of ITM’s global alumni-community. 

Dr. Anne Muendi Musuva completed her Master in Public Health-Disease Control at ITM in July 2012. She is a medical doctor with 10 years of professional experience in designing and implementing national disease prevention and treatment programs, quality assurance and managing district health systems. As the Deputy Chief of Party at Population Services Kenya, Dr. Musuva leads the design and implementation of programme strategies and activities, ensuring all deliverables are met for every health program. She has a keen passion and interest for health care financing and universal health coverage.

“My one year at ITM was transformative on my life and career”, she explains. “We learnt about approaches and strategies ITM alumni are using to improve our countries health systems. Having the opportunity to exchange on health systems related issues with colleagues from 28 different countries around the world during my one-year stay in Antwerp, impacted my way of thinking. ITM is building a critical mass of alumni (particularly those from LMICs) who are making a difference all over the world, one alumni at a time. It is because of my experience and transformation at ITM that I want to contribute towards ITM’s future by being the alumni representative in the General Council. I firmly believe in the mission and vision of ITM and would like to see ITM scale even greater heights.”

Based on her professional experience in the health sector in Kenya, Anne also stresses that “Global Health professionals need to learn continuously and expand their knowledge, as the global health scene is changing rapidly with new evidence becoming available. They need to be the generators of  this evidence, and not just the passive recipients of data and evidence (particularly those from LMICs). The policies and strategies they generate and implement need to be backed by solid evidence, and they need to be nimble enough to change strategies as new evidence becomes available. Collaboration is key for global health professionals. This needs to happen across geographies, regions, institutions and disciplines of global health. Platforms for collaboration will be crucial for sharing tools, resources, knowledge and best practice. A good example of these platforms are communities of practice, where practitioners work together on a certain issue and share their experiences, methods and solutions.  And finally, global health professionals should be not only experts in their fields, but also advocates for social health justice, immersing themselves in the health systems they seek to improve.”

As alumni representative, Anne will  be contributing to ITM’s journey and ambitions to be a leading learning institution in tropical medicine and global health. ITM wishes her an enriching and constructive experience in ITM’s General Council with many exciting and fruitful exchanges and collaborations.

About the General Council

The General Council is a newly established statutory council that will ensure that the policy, administration and management of the Institute are in accordance with its purpose, identity and integrity. It has the statutory power to monitor the mission, vision, values and core tasks of ITM, and to appoint, evaluate and dismiss the members of a smaller and more executive Board of Governors.

The General Council includes both voting and non-voting members. The voting members are designated by a number of government agencies and Flemish universities, together with representatives of other stakeholders including staff, students, alumni as well as institutional partners in South and North. The members of the Board of Governors and the Government Commissioner are the non-voting members of the General Council. The General Council meets at least twice a year.

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