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Antimalarials efficient against super malaria

Scientists have recently warned about a very resistant type of malaria that is spreading quickly in Southeast Asia. ITM travel advice remains unchanged.
Recently, scientists warned that a highly resistant form of malaria is spreading fast in certain countries in Southeast Asia. This super malaria parasite has built up resistance to certain medication commonly used to treat malaria, but not against antimalarials given to prevent infection or those only prescribed in case of an emergency. The ITM travel advice remains unchanged.

Travellers do not need to worry. The risk of catching malaria is low in most tourist spots in this region. ITM’s advice about whether or not to take preventive medication remains unchanged.

"The parasites are not yet resistant to the prophylactic pills that tourists take against malaria," says Dr. Ula Maniewski from ITM, "The local population is far more at risk. Travellers must first and foremost protect themselves against mosquito bites between dusk and dawn. If they were prescribed malaria pills, they must follow the correct dosing schedule, otherwise they run a life-threatening risk".

The super malaria parasite was first discovered in Northwest Cambodia, and later in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It is possible that it will spread even further, and eventually reach Africa.

ITM advises travellers to inform their GP or ask advice in a travel clinic before departure.


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