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Antwerp Diner raised 77,350 euro in the fight against HIV / AIDS

Support for ITM, Sensoa and Tomorrow4Isibani at fundraiser event.

On Sunday 5 February, 480 guests gathered 77,350 euro during the 16th edition of the Antwerp Diner. The yield of the fundraising event will go to three good causes fighting against HIV/AIDS. The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), as well as Sensoa and Tomorrow4Isibani, is one of them.

ITM will spend the funds to the research project “Het stopt bij mij”. Sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) are often passed by people who are not aware of their infection. Informing your partner(s) about your STD is critical to prevent further spread. However, this is not easy and goes often hand in hand with feelings of shame.

ITM researcher Tom Platteau wants to lower this threshold. The research project will launch a website where people with a STD can anonymously inform their partner(s) via a code they received from their treating physician. The partner(s) will then receive a message informing them about their possible STD and guiding them to the necessary tests.

Even more important than the website itself, is the encouragement of the widespread use of the website. ITM and Sensoa will both take up the importance of partner notification into their activities.

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