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Be-cause health is looking for evaluators

Be-cause health stands at the eve of a new five year plan. It wants this new plan to respond effectively and efficiently to the needs of its members.
Be-cause health (BCH) is looking to recruit one or two evaluators to help identify key lessons learned, and make recommendations for upcoming challenges. Member organisations, individual members, partners and supporters of BCH and all other relevant stakeholders should be able to make their voices heard.

BCH has been evaluated two times already and has built on these evaluations to grow into an appreciated and active network. We want to pursue the ongoing dynamics and be able to face the new challenges of the years to come, whether technical, social or political. E-Health, COVID, climate change, in depth de-colonization, gender issues, big data, all these change the practices of development cooperation in health. The working groups and the international gatherings of BCH show its concern and implication in the search for solutions, based on evidence and on exchange of sound experience.

The deadline for additional questions is September 12th, 2020 and for the final submission of the proposal September 21st, 2020. Please direct enquiries to

Terms of reference tender BCH evaluation 2020

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