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Digital follow-up of HIV patients

With the EmERGE app our HIV Clinic our patients have the option of a digital follow-up.

Digital follow-up is available for stable patients, in consultation with their attending physician.

How does it work?

Participants only have to come to ITM for a blood sample. After a week, the laboratory results are sent to the patient via a secure smartphone application, together with a message from the attending physician. If the doctor establishes that everything is going well with the patient and the patient agrees, he or she no longer has to come to the clinic and receives the medication prescriptions by post or electronically.

The app is free of charge and contains additional services such as a medication intake reminder, an overview of the medication taken, an appointment reminder, a link to an interaction checker ... All participants still have to see their attending physician at least once a year .

What are the benefits?

Participating patients save time and transportation costs by using the app. During an earlier study phase, it was shown that the digital follow-up is highly appreciated by the majority of participants and has no negative impact on the quality of care. The advantage for the doctors is that they get more time for complicated patients.

The digital follow-up is the result of a research project financed by the European Union. The new monitoring method was also tested and approved in HIV clinics in England, Croatia, Spain and Portugal.


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