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Introducing Dr Thong Phe

Cambodian alumnus Dr Thong Phe is now a facilitator in the AIM course

Dr Thong Phe is a medical doctor at Sihanouk Hospital Center of HOPE (SHCH), one of ITM’s partner institutes in Cambodia, in charge of antibiotic stewardship program in the hospital, and ITM alumnus of the SCART 2008 and SCREM 2009 short courses. He is also a member of national TWG for combatting AMR in Cambodia. He has been participating actively in the national AMR surveillance program.

For the 2019 edition of the AIM course (“Hospital-based Interventions to Contain Antibiotic Resistance in Low-resource Settings”), taking place from 11 to 29 March 2019, Dr Thong Phe was invited to be part of the teacher’s team to bring in the Cambodian perspective and local experiences in the field of antibiotic resistance surveillance.  As such, he presented the SHCH-situation as a model for the actions done in this field in Cambodia. During this 3-weeks course, he assisted as well in practical teaching, in group work and in coaching students in their personal project.

As an ITM alumnus and staff member of a partner institution, Dr Thong Phe’s participation as a facilitator of the AIM course was supported by the Alliance for Education in Tropical Medicine and International Public Health. Within the perspective of exploring new and long-term joint teaching and learning initiatives between partner institutes in order to further strengthen the internationalisation of ITM’s educational offer and teaching staff, the Alliance promotes the exchange of staff expertise between ITM and partner institutes.

“Taking part in the AIM course for the first time as a facilitator was an enriching experience. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn case studies and best practices from different settings because of the diverse group of students. It was a real ‘give and take’ in terms of teaching and learning. I will definitely take the knowledge gained during this experience back home with me to share it with my fellow colleagues in the hospital as well at the national level, says Dr Thong Phe.”

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