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ITM alumna Duong Doan looks back on her ITM studies


Duong Doan has worked as a lecturer and researcher at Hanoi University of Public Health since 2008. Her areas of interests are maternal and child health, health policies, and health equity. In 2012, she obtained her Master’s degree in public health from ITM Antwerp. In May 2019, Duong started her PhD studies at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. Her research project is to develop a mobile application to support mothers on infant feeding. The effectiveness of the intervention will be evaluated in randomized control design.

"ITM never stops surprising me with the capability of taking care of every person in all aspects of life. When I arrived in Antwerp, my backpack was stolen. All of my documents, laptop, and cash were gone. The Institute provided me with all the necessary support for my studies. That was a moment I truly understood the philosophy of public health, "health for all", "leaving no one behind". These are not only words written on the papers but ITM staff also live by this.

I still remember my first presentation in English in front of the class. When I completed my talk, there was a moment of silence. I was so embarrassed that I hid behind the table. My classmates all laughed out loud and explained to me that they were impressed with the software I had used for my presentation! It has been eight years since then. Now I confidently deliver my lectures in English and publish my research in international journals.

On the first day of my doctoral studies, my supervisor had introduced me to the faculty staff of the School of Public Health. He proudly told everyone that I graduated from ITM Antwerp. He explained why ITM is well-known in the domain of tropical diseases.

If anyone needs advice on Belgian beer just come and ask me! I am proud to be a part of the ITM family!”

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