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ITM and BTC join forces to help rebuild Guinea’s health system

The country is currently rebuilding and strengthening its health system after the Ebola epidemic of 2014-2015
ITM, its Guinean partner institution Centre National de Recherche et Formation en Santé rurale and the Guinean NGO Fraternité Médicale Guinée (FMG) will provide trainings to young health workers. The three institutions join forces to improve the quality of care and strengthen the much-weakened Guinean health system. The mission is part of the new framework agreement signed recently between ITM and the Belgian Development Agency (BTC).

Even prior to the Ebola epidemic of 2014-2015, Guinea’s health system was quite weak. The country is currently rebuilding and strengthening its health system. Many young professional health workers, such as medical doctors and midwives, have little access to formal employment. As part of the health sector recovery strategy, the Guinean government is in the process of recruiting over 2000 new health workers to be posted in rural areas. ITM will contribute to preparing these young professionals to provide quality care for the rural population.

The Centre National de Recherche et Formation en Santé rurale at Maferinyah, will organise new online courses on primary health care (eSSP) and on reproductive and sexual health (eSSR) for young graduates.
In collaboration with the NGO Fraternité Médicale Guinée, ITM will provide trainings for AIDS care providers (eSCART & specialisation courses). Mid-level career health professionals will have the opportunity to join short specialised courses at ITM in Antwerp (on health sector management, on health policy, on reproductive health, and on management of tropical disease programmes). 

Last October, ITM professor Wim Van Damme (Unit of Health Policy) and BTC’s Stefaan Van Bastelaere traveled to Guinea to define the training programme for health professionals. The programme is part of the new framework programme between ITM and the Belgian Directorate-General for Development (DGD). Guinea became a new partner country of the Belgian Development Cooperation in 2016. In the coming months, the partners will meet with relevant stakeholders in Guinea, to assure that this ITM-BTC project aligns with other initiatives to rebuild the health system, and improve access to quality care for those most in need.

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