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ITM receives Antwerp Diner check worth € 32.500

With the contribution of Antwerp Diner 2018, the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp try to improve the quality of life of vulnerable HIV patients.

ITM researchers of the HIV-SAM project will focus on vulnerable people from Sub-Sahara Africa with an HIV diagnosis. They try to improve the quality of life of this group through behavioural research.

HIV is still a social disease. Discrimination, auto-stigma and social isolation can lead to depression and issues with self-care in terms of therapy adherence and psychosocial well-being. In the course of 2019, the researchers will offer a psychosocial self-management intervention to all AIDS reference centres in Flanders, which they will also evaluate. Four sessions will offer the tools to accept an HIV diagnosis, to deal with stigma and discrimination, to have a healthy lifestyle (including therapy adherence) and to raise the knowledge about the health and social services in Belgium. From a scientific point of view, the research will provide insights into the quality of life in vulnerable populations.

Lazare Manirankunda and Charles Ddungu of HIV-SAM received the check from Antwerp Diner’s Frank de Neef and Sylvia van Craen.

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