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ITM receives Antwerp Diner check worth €33,500

With the contribution of Antwerp Diner 2019, researchers at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp intensify the hunt for hidden HIV reservoirs.

On Friday 14 June, Antwerp Diner handed a check of € 33,500 to the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM). Thanks to this support, the Institute intensifies the hunt for hidden HIV virus or “HIV reservoir” . In a new line of research, scientists Prof Kevin Ariën and Dr Koen Bartholomeeusen are trying to find out more about the latest bits of the HIV virus that are hiding in the body cells of people taking antiretrovirals. This new study is part of worldwide research into the HIV reservoir, the main obstacle between scientists and finding a definitive cure for the HIV virus.

Antwerp Diner raises funds for the research and prevention of HIV/AIDS and supports initiatives that strive to end the stigma of living with HIV/AIDS. The proceeds of their annual fundraising dinner, in 2019 organised already for the 18th time, goes entirely to three good causes fighting against HIV/AIDS: ITM, Sensoa and Tomorrow4Isibani.

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