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Parasite case of the month by Idzi Potters

ITM’s lab technician Idzi Potters shares his parasite cases with pathologist and microbiologist Bobbi Pritt on her blog 'Parasite wonders'.
Bobbi Pritt, a U.S. pathologist and microbiologist with a fascination for parasites, started an exciting collaboration with ITM lab technician Idzi Potters for her blog ‘Parasite wonders’. Each first Monday of the month, Bobbi distributes one of ITM’s astonishing parasite case pictures and/or videos via her highly frequented blog and social media channels, asking her followers to identify the presented case.

ITM lab technician Idzi Potters has been working for 20 years at ITM. He spends his days diagnosing parasitic diseases in the Central Laboratory for Clinical Biology and teaching laboratory practices. He got in touch with Richard Bradbury, team lead of the CDC’s Parasitology Reference Diagnostic Laboratory. The two parasite enthusiasts exchanged pictures and videos of interesting parasite cases they encountered during their careers. When Bradbury showed a few of these videos to Bobbi Pritt, she saw great potential for her blog ‘Parasite wonders’, and the ball started rolling. Bobbi Pritt weekly posts cases of  parasite infections on her blog asking her followers to identify the presented cases. Every first Monday of the month, she features an extraordinary parasite case picture and/or video by ITM.

“At ITM we have a unique collection of images and videos of different parasites. This blog is a great way to share these images and videos to a larger audience. It brings ITM a lot of well-deserved recognition,” says Idzi Potters.

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