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Relive 'Ebola, 40 years after Yambuku'

8th International Symposium on Filoviruses/58th ITM colloquium in Antwerp

Zo’n 250 onderzoekers en gezondheidsspecialisten ontmoetten elkaar van 12 tot 15 september in het ITG om terug te blikken op de vooruitgang die werd geboekt tegen ebola.

In 1976, a thermos flask containing samples of an unknown virus arrived in Antwerp. This virus would later be known as Ebola. Forty years later, its discoverers Peter Piot and Guido van der Groen and many other key figures reflected on the past, present and the future of the deadly Ebola virus during the 8th International Symposium on Filoviruses/58th ITM Colloquium in Antwerp.

Have a look at the movies below and the photos on Google+ to get a taste of the atmosphere at the conference.

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