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Timely preparations and vaccinations for a healthy journey

ITM advises travelers to inform themselves about their destination well in advance and to make an appointment for vaccinations at least one month before departure.
The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp advises Belgian travellers to carefully inform themselves about their holiday destination and to get vaccinations and health advice well in advance. It is also important to be aware of the health risks associated with nearby holidays.

Now that the long winter months are behind us, millions of Belgians are gearing up for their spring or summer holidays. Travel clinics such as that of ITM will be very busy administering vaccinations and giving travel health advice in the months ahead.

ITM advises people to get proper information about their destination in advance and to make an appointment for vaccinations at least one month before their journey, preferably longer. Travellers can also go to general practitioners for advice and most vaccinations, with the exception of yellow fever. A travel clinic will also give you specialised travel advice, e.g. for long, adventurous trips in the tropics or travelling with an existing medical condition.

Going on a journey well prepared is not only important for distant travel. Health risks closer to home should also be carefully considered. For instance, tick-borne encephalitis occurs in wooded areas in Central Europe, including Austria.

‘A trip without health problems, to the tropics or closer to home, depends on your preparation. Everyone, including experienced travellers and people visiting family in their country of origin, should get proper information about the risks they might face once arrived at destination. Forewarned is forearmed,” said ITM’s Dr Ula Maniewski

You can make an appointment with ITM’s travel clinic at, preferably at least four weeks in advance. Waiting times are currently already up to more than two weeks. ITM’s website provides country-specific travel advice. This website also provides specific information on nearby holidays

In 2017, 18.304 people visited ITM’s travel clinic for advice and vaccinations, a small increase compared to the 17.823 travellers in 2016.

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