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Training high level cadres of the Moroccan Ministry of Health

A short course in health systems and policy analysis (CARPeSS for Cours en Analyse et Renforcement des Politiques et Systèmes de Santé)

The Moroccan health system is currently facing an increasing number of challenges: epidemiologic and demographic transition, advanced regionalisation, growing privatisation of health care provision. In the context of a decentralisation process, the Ministry of Health (MOH) decided to strengthen the capacity of the regional directors to progressively transfer tasks and responsibilities of the central level to the regional level, in terms of management of programs and resources, including human resources. Such a reform requires new capacities at all levels and an improved communication between the national and regional levels.

Based on the long-term collaboration of ITM with Morocco, in early 2016 the Director of Human Resources with the Secretary General of the MOH asked ITM’s Department of Public Health to accompany this reform by developing a short course for central and regional directors.

Following a needs assessment in March 2016, and a blended short course was put together, consisting of six modules of one month, each on a specific theme: universal health coverage; governance; health in all policies; integration of care and health systems; regionalization; public-private relations and partnership.

Each module began with 3 weeks of online learning followed by a face-to-face meeting, lead by an expert and a facilitator. As field study, the participants visited one European country, where each visit related to a specific theme: Finland for the ‘health in all policies’ module, Belgium for the ‘integration of health services and care’ and France for the ‘regionalization’.

The CARPeSS ended on the 25th of February with a face-to-face meeting on the theme governance with the participation of Dr. Denis Roy (INESSS (Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux), Québec). Evaluation was part of this event and the feedback on the Moroccon Ministry of Health was very positive in terms of expert content, group dynamics and the quality of the discussions.

The course benefited from the technical expertise of different institutions: the National Institute of Public Health (THL) in Finland, INAMI/RIZIV, CPAS/OCMW and Maisons Medicales in Belgium, EHESP in Rennes-France, INESSS in Quebec-Canada and last but not least WHO Geneva (Health Systems Governance, Policy and Aid effectiveness (HGS), Department for Health Systems Governance and Financing (HGF)). The financial support came from WHO EMRO and the Global Fund.

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