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Workshop to develop e-learning course

Online courses on reproductive health and primary health care for Guinean health workers

Following the devastating impact of the Ebola outbreak of 2014 that weakened Guinea’s health services, there has been increasing demand to train health staff to reinforce the country’s national health system. ITM’s partner institution, the Centre National de Recherche et Formation en Santé rurale at Maferinyah would like to develop a distance learning capacity as well as offer online courses focusing on reproductive health and primary health care to be delivered through mobile devices like smartphones, laptop and tablets.

To begin the development of the training program, a first workshop was held at ITM between 15 and 18 May. It was attended by ITM alumni from Guinea and ITM staff from the Department of Clinical Sciences and the Department of Public Health. The workshop participants produced the first four modules with learning objectives and learning activities. The next steps will be to conduct workshops in Guinea to conclude the design phase with the involvement of national health authorities.

The finished training packages will contain about a dozen modules, each module lasting for eight weeks. The courses will target recently graduated medical doctors and other public health professionals working in health centres in Guinea. A first cohort of around a 100 people will start the training in 2017. Technical and pedagogical assistance to design and develop both the content and technical parts of the modules will come from ITM staff from the Department of Public Health and Department of Clinical Sciences. It’s expected that the ITM alumni participating in this workshop will be involved as facilitators or coaches during the implementation phase of the courses in Guinee.

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