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Master of Science in Tropical Medicine - orientation Clinical Sciences

Follow tropical diseases from 'lab to bed' with a focus on both pathogens and patients across the globe. The course integrates clinical and biomedical expertise in tropical diseases in resource-constrained settings.


Date limite : 2 février 2024


60 crédits ECTS



Elisabeth Tabitha Abbew

Elisabeth Tabitha Abbew


It is difficult to find a course addressing the needs of a budding clinician-scientist in infectious diseases. This is where the MSc in Tropical Medicine comes in to bridge that gap. With well-seasoned faculty, including infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, and laboratory experts for teaching, mentoring and coaching in a conducive environment like the Institute of Tropical Medicine, makes the experience worthwhile. The additional aspect of field work brings a different dimension to this master's, which is lacking in other courses. In the MTM, I had the experience of undertaking my research work with Janssen Pharmaceutica, which was my field research, and gained valuable knowledge. Students also have the opportunity to learn through peer support and experience sharing. The master's has helped me set up my clinical research activities in my home facility at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital in Ghana. I can truly recommend this course!


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€ 5460 EEE / 16500 hors EEE

Programme coördinator(s)

  • Maria Zolfo

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  • Jasmien Adams
  • Ana Dourado

Programme director(s)

  • Tom Decroo


  • mtm@itg.be