Marie joined ITM  in 1984 to work on  sexually transmitted infections and HIV, first in Nairobi, Kenya and in Kinshasa, DRC (Project SIDA) and later in Côte d’Ivoire ( Project Retro-CI ).

She did numerous short term missions to Africa and Asia,  focusing on better understanding of the HIV epidemic as well as designing  and evaluating interventions to address the epidemic.

Marie Laga and her team contributed significantly  to HIV prevention science in the area’s of  sexual transmission and its co-factors, prevention programs for vulnerable groups such as female sex workers, youth and men who have sex with men, evaluation of female controlled methods and linkages of sexual and reproductive health. In recent years, Marie Laga has become a leading expert in HIV prevention, advocating for intensifying HIV prevention worldwide.

She provides policy support and technical assistance in the areas of strengthening HIV prevention for numerous international and local organisations.

Research themes