22 oct. 2020

Online PhD defence Nandini D. P. Sarkar

The challenge of equitable quality Mental, Neurological, Substance-use care and coverage: A local health systems analysis in eastern Uganda

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08 oct. 2020


David Waltner-Toews will talk about 'EcoHealth in an era of rapid change'.


07 oct. 2020

PhD defence Zakaria Belrhiti (online)

Unravelling the role of leadership in motivation of health workers in four Moroccan hospitals : A realist multiple embedded case study

18 sept. 2020

PhD defence Manassé Nimpagaritse (online)

Comprendre les résultats de l’intégration de nouvelles activités dans une stratégie de financement basé sur la performance existante : cas de la prise en charge de la malnutrition dans les centres de santé du Burundi

Université Catholique de Louvain

14 sept. 2020

PhD defence Remco van de Pas

A cosmopolitan outlook on health workforce development

06 août 2020

PhD defence Keshav Rai

Development of tools to determine the phenotype and genotype of Leishmania donovani for tracking treatment failure in anthroponotic visceral leishmaniasis in Nepal.

West Bengal State University, Kolkata

26 juin 2020

PhD defence Patrick Soentjens

Simplifying the Rabies Vaccination Schedule

Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerpen

11 juin 2020

PhD defence Vera Kühne (Online)

Alternative antigens for a point of care test for serodiagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis in East Africa


02 juin 2020

PhD defence Kamela Charmaine Sy Ng (Online)

Utilization of molecular resistance test results as tools to support public health efforts for improved control of rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis