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Global Health in times of crises

Join this 3-week course and boost your understanding of the global health challenges and your ability to move the Global Health agenda forward.


Date limite : 1 décembre 2023

Short Courses

  • Face-to-face

  • Antwerp

5 crédits ECTS



A propos du cours

Raison d'être


Humanity currently faces multiple crises affecting global health. These include climate change and rapid environmental degradation, re-emerging infectious diseases and pandemic risks, growing inequities, food insecurity, armed conflicts and forced migration. Such complex problems transcend the scope of national governments and require concerted and responsive actions by health professionals, policymakers, civil society and researchers.


With this 3-week course on Global Health in times of crises, you will obtain more insights into how complex problems and their causes are interrelated in a globalised world and how they impact health and health systems. You will also explore entry points for dialogue and options for action to overcome these health challenges at local, national or global level taking health equity, human rights, health system resilience and ecological limits into account.



Are you a health or a development professional, a researcher or a policymaker? Are you eager to learn about interdisciplinary, inter-sectoral and global approaches to sustain and improve health in times of crises? Then this course is for you!


ITM teaching staff and guest lecturers bring expertise from different disciplines, such as public health, political, social and environmental sciences. They also have professional experience in a broad array of countries and in international institutions and civil society organisations dealing with global health and health system challenges.

Together with teaching staff and a diverse group of course participants, you will discuss case studies from various contexts fostering international exchange and comparative analysis.

You can choose to follow the course face-to-face on campus or participate online. This hybrid three-week course (component) is conducted face-to-face in a physical classroom setting, and also available in an online synchronous mode via Zoom platform. The online option expects participants to attend the face-to-face sessions synchronously, but remotely.

Objectifs d'apprentissage

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Analyse global health crises and their interrelated causes and pathways, applying systems-thinking.
  • Assess the role of actors at local, national and global level in health policy making, implementation and governance.
  • Explain what planetary boundaries are and how they impact health (equity) and wellbeing.
  • Formulate possible actions to improve and sustain health at different levels, considering health equity, human rights, health system resilience and ecological limits. 


Frais d'inscription

€ 730 EEE / 1900 hors EEE


TropEd , valable jusqu'à 1 juin 2024

Course Coördinator(s)

  • Marlon Garcia Lopez
  • Marjan Pirard

Course Administrator(s)

  • Nadine Nuyts

Course Leader(s)

  • Radhika Arora
  • Remco van de Pas


  • GH@itg.be