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Master (MSc) in Public Health - orientation Health Systems and Disease Control

Focusing on resource-constrained settings and vulnerable populations, this master's programme looks at strengthening health systems and improving disease prevention and control.


Date limite : 1 février 2024


60 crédits ECTS




Jean-Paul Dossou


Back in 2011, when I was seeking advice on where to go for my MPH studies, I received advice from two senior public health scientists. One of them was affiliated with another tropical medicine organisation and another one was a WHO representative in the SSA country. They told me that ITM is a global leading institution when it comes to having a holistic approach to public health with an optimal mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. Their feedback was critical in my decision to complete my MPH at ITM, which I started in 2013.

In 2013, I was a junior research assistant in a research institution in Cotonou, Benin. As a medical doctor, I had the chance to work on certain research project and I had many questions about public health problems and the dysfunctions in care provision in my country. I was eager to find solutions. Issues relating to uncoordinated and fragmented care provision practices, poor accountability, poor mental health of health workers, unnecessary and deadly delays in care provision, mistreatment of patients were all burning issues in my mind after having travelled to several hospitals in the country for more than three years. I was missing methods and tools to understand my context and act on the challenges using an evidence-based approach.

The MPH course is grounded on real life experiences from my context similar contexts. It provided me with models, frameworks and theories that answered my questions. It connected me to the global health community via the international students and teachers. It also gave a lot of possibilities to apply the study material to my local context. The quality of the student service was extraordinary; the well-being of the students was their top priority!

The course helped me tremendously. And not just the MPH; I also completed other short courses on qualitative and mixed methods in international health research and health policy. I finally engaged in a PhD programme that will be completed in late 2022. Throughout the years, I have been supported by ITM to strengthen my home institution through various projects in the framework of the DGD programme. My training at ITM has played an instrumental role in the fact that I am now leading my home institution, the Centre de Recherche en Reproduction Humaine et en Démographie (CERRHUD). I expect to grow in a transformative leadership role to enable health systems strengthening in Benin and Western Africa. And I’m sure I will continuously work with ITM to that end!

Ana Asad Bangladesh pic

Ana Asad


I have had the pleasure of completing the MSc in Public Health programme at ITM in 2021 with funding from the Belgian Development Cooperation. As a public health professional with a couple of years of field experiences in different countries, I was looking for a way to further my career and gain specialised knowledge and skills in contemporary global health. The MPH programme at ITM exceeded my expectations and provided me with a truly transformative experience.

What I liked most about this programme was the combination of academic theory and practical skills training. In addition to classroom lectures, we had the opportunity to participate in group assignments and discussions on health-related problems, which were based on real-life situations. The professors were all experts in their fields and provided a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience. They were always available to answer questions and provide guidance and mentorship throughout the programme.

The education, experience, and the global network I received at ITM have been invaluable in my professional development. Not only have I gained a deeper understanding of health systems in a resource-poor settings and their challenges, but I have also developed valuable skills in research and public health, which have opened new career opportunities for me. Since completing the programme at ITM, I have been able to apply my newfound knowledge and skills as a Global Health Consultant. This course has prepared me well to collaborate with other healthcare professionals and tackle wider global health issues.

To anyone considering applying for the MPH programme, I’d say: go for it! You will be rewarded with fantastic skills that are transferrable, within health and beyond.


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€ 5460 EEE / 16500 hors EEE


NVAO , valable jusqu'à 30 septembre 2024

Programme director(s)

  • Bruno Marchal
  • Tine Verdonck

Programme coördinator(s)

  • Marjan Pirard
  • Marlon Garcia Lopez

Programme administrator(s)

  • Marianne Hilgert
  • Nadine Nuyts


  • HS&DC@itg.be