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Short Course in Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Medicine

This course provides the knowledge and skills for conducting clinical research, developing local guidelines, and enhancing clinical decision making.

Date limite : 1 juillet 2023

Short Courses

  • Distance learning

  • Face-to-face

  • Antwerp

9 crédits ECTS



Elisabeth Tabitha Abbew

Elisabeth Tabitha Abbew


As a budding researcher looking to shape my research idea and present for my PhD application, the Short Course in Evidence-Based Medicine (SCREM) was one of the advanced courses I took during my MTM that was fulfilling. The online part takes the students through aspects that should be understood before writing a proposal, such as clinical epidemiology, preparing literature, literature search and measures of disease frequency. This course requires that the students submit a research idea which will be worked on during the face-to-face session, where the students are required to defend the work. The teachers give pointers on where to improve proposals and enrich them for submission. And such is what I did during the course: prepare and defend the idea! After the course, I was ready to use this proposal in my application for my sandwich PhD, for which I was successfully selected, starting from the 2022-2023 academic year. The SCREM is the course for you if you want to gain experience in protocol writing, clinical decision making, and developing your research idea.


Frais d'inscription

€ 1074 EEE / 2940 hors EEE


TropEd , valable jusqu'à 1 juin 2024

Course Leader(s)

  • Johan van Griensven

Course Coördinator(s)

  • Maria Zolfo

Course Administrator(s)

  • Jasmien Adams


  • screm@itg.be