We are available for the following emergencies:

  • Serious complaints after your travels
    (including fever, severe diarrhoea and extensive skin rashes)
  • A recent STD
    (including gonorrhea or chlamydia)
  • Urgent treatment with antiretroviral drugs after exposure to HIV
    If you believe you have been exposed to HIV, you need to act quickly. Treatment with antiretroviral drugs ('post-exposure prophylaxis', a.k.a. 'PEP') reduces the chance of an HIV infection. The treatment has to start within 72 hours after exposure to HIV.
  • Urgent treatment after exposure to rabies
    If you suffered a dog, monkey, cat or bat bite during your travels, you need to start a PEP treatment as soon as possible (post-exposure prophylaxis). The treatment consists of a series of injections of rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin.

After exposure, come to us as soon as possible and ask whether treatment should be considered. On weekends or during after hours, contact the Antwerp University Hospital (UZA or Universitair Ziekenhuis Antwerpen in Dutch). If the Institute for Tropical Medicine in Antwerp is following up your case, do not forget to mention that.

Antwerp University Hospital
Department of Tropical Diseases, D1, route 15
Wilrijkstraat 10
Tel.: 03 821 30 00