Tuition fees at ITM

Registration and credit fees for all students participating in a study programme organised by ITM.

Principles of ITM tuition fees

  • A distinction between registration fee and credit fee to assure that students’ tuition fees are according to the number of credits in their study plan.

  • A harmonisation of fee levels across all courses.

  • Benchmarked fees to assure that ITM’s tuition fees are at the appropriate market level, on the level of the EU as well as internationally.

  • Adapted fees for collaborative courses to facilitate collaborations with other higher education institutions.

  • Distinct fees for European Economic Area (EEA) and non-EEA* students, according to European practices: the registration process for a non-EEA student implies higher costs as compared to an EEA student, even more so if the student cannot travel on a tourist visa and needs a residency permit. Mobility of students in the EU and reciprocity among EU member states justifies harmonisation of credit fees for EEA students at levels customary in Belgium and the EU.

*Swiss citizens will be treated as EEA students.

Main characteristics

  • Tuition fees include a registration fee and a fee per credit. Registration fees are due only once per course or master's programme and/or academic year. This means that a student following one or more courses in the same academic year will pay for registration only once and for the total number of credits for which the student enrolled. Students of master's programmes will pay the full tuition fee (registration and credit fees) of their programme at the moment of registration. When a course programme is spread over different years, the student will also preferably pay for registration and all credits upfront. However, a payment scheme with instalments can be agreed upon, should it be necessary. Please contact ITM's student support office in that case.

  • Should the number of credits taken at ITM change in the course of a programme, the fees will be adjusted or reimbursed.

Registration fees

Registration fee

Courses longer than 3 months

Courses of 3 months or shorter

Non-EEA student



EEA student



Fees per credit

Fee per credit (one credit equals 25-30 hours of student investment time)

ITM courses (MSc, PG certificates and short courses)

Collaborative MSc degree (e.g. MScGOH)

Non-EEA student






Examples of tuition fees

A non-EEA student registering for:

  • A short course of 5 ECTS credits:€600 + €260 * 5 = €1,900

  • Two short courses of 5 ECTS credits each within the same academic year: €600 + 2(€260 * 5) = €3,200

  • A full time master's programme of 60 ECTS credits: €900 + €260 * 60  = €16,500

An EEA-student registering for:

  • A short course of 5 ECTS credits: €300 + €86 * 5 = €730

  • Two short courses of 5 ECTS credits each within the same academic year: €300 + 2(€86 * 5) = €1,160

  • A full time master's programme of 60 ECTS credits: €300 + €86 * 60  = €5,460

  • A full time PG certificate of 30 ECTS credits: €300 + €86 * 30 = €2,880