Studying in Antwerp

If you decide to study at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, you’ll soon find yourself in a lively, multicultural metropolis.
shutterstock_347125058 Basking in an evening glow, the beautiful Antwerp skyline is sure to impress anyone travelling to Linkeroever, across the Scheldt river.

ITM is centrally located

Your classes take place in ITM's main building, an excellent example of Art Deco architecture, and Campus Rochus, an imposing seventeenth-century monastery further down the street. They are just a stone’s throw from the Groenplaats, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten) and the river Scheldt.

tramhalte-Nationalestraat Explore the centre and surrounding districts smoothly and worry-free, thanks to the extensive network of trams and buses.

Don’t waste a moment!

Antwerp fascinates anyone when they first see it. You’ll arrive at one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. Travel wherever you want with the public transport network of buses and trams, whether it's the theatre, cinema or concert hall. There are plenty of activities and events to choose from!

These destinations all contribute to the reason why the city of Rubens is synonymous with culture.

Antwerp-MAS MAS, short for Museum aan de Stroom, is one of the most prestigous museums of the city, in the bustling Het Eilandje district.

Antwerp is a global city

Studying by the river Scheldt means sampling food from the global kitchen. And you’ll do that in the epicentre of diamond trade in the world, a short stroll away from the second largest port of Europe and surrounded by trend-setting fashion designers. 

In short: there is no better city to study than Antwerp!

Antwerp-station The grandiose Antwerp Central Station is internationally acknowledged as one of the most breathtaking railway stations in the world.

Travelling to Antwerp

Antwerp is a Low Emission Zone and parking is difficult. But don't worry; there are other ways to reach ITM.