We are an outpatient clinic specialised in sexually transmitted infections, multidisciplinary HIV care, travel and tropical medicine, and infectious diseases.

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Consultations are by appointment only. Book your appointment well in advance, as waiting times can be long in spring and summer.


HIV care

For over 40 years, ITM has been providing comprehensive care to people living with HIV.


Travel advice

We strive to make your trip a wonderful and healthy experience by offering pre-travel services.


Laboratory guide

Our guide offers instructions for medical professionals sending samples to ITM's Clinical Reference Laboratory.

Our medical professionals

Our medical staff has expertise in travel health, sexually transmitted diseases and infectiology.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our services or the Institute of Tropical Medicine in general? Please take a look at our FAQ first.


Travel in good health with Wanda

We offer important travel-related advice and information about vaccinations on Wanda, our site for travel health.


Clinical Trial Centre

Our Clinical Trial Centre coordinates clinical trials to investigate the safety and effectiveness of novel vaccines or drugs.