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The Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp is a recognised international authority on education, medicine, science and world health. Part of our financial support comes from subsidies from the ministries for Education, Research, Development Cooperation and Health. Our work is also strongly dependent on project financing, our own income and patronage.

Everyone deserves good health

It is a fundamental human right that motivates us at the Institute of Tropical Medicine to do our best every day. We believe that combining scientific research, education, medical service delivery and international partnerships is crucial to fighting current and future diseases. Our mission is to deliver science for worldwide health, an endeavour to which you can contribute as well.


Highlight: Marleen Boelaert Study Fund

For promising research talent in low- and middle-income countries.

Marleen Boelaert, respected epidemiologist and one of the driving forces behind ITM, was committed to social justice and equality.

About this fund

You can make a difference

There are several ways you can support us. You can make a general donation, set up a fund, include ITM in your will or establish a chair with your organisation.

Haven't decided what you would like to support yet? Don't worry, you can also support our mission without donating to a specific cause. Just make a general donation and leave it to us to decide where your contribution is most needed. Either way, your contribution will be well spent!

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Other ways you can support our cause


Academic chairs


Tax benefit

You will receive a tax certificate if your annual donation amount is 40 euros or more. This certificate entitles you to a tax reduction of up to 45% (under the terms of Article 145/33 of the Income Tax Code 1992). A donation of 100 euros will actually cost you only 55 euros. Tax certificates are issued by the federal government, but you will receive yours from ITM. We will send it to you by post in the first months following the year of your donation(s).

Duo bequest

The Flemish government has abolished the tax benefit for duo bequests. If you have already drawn up your will, it will have different consequences than what you had in mind. Your notary can give you more information about the possibilities.

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Do you have questions or would you like to explore the possibilities? Don't hesitate to contact us.


Our audited financial accounts can be found on Donorinfo.