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The Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp offers a variety of courses in tropical medicine, international public health and global one health for professionals from around the world.

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Five good reasons to study at ITM

The cultural diversity and variety of professional backgrounds within our group of students and teachers allow for rich exchange, comparative analysis and the confrontation of ideas. ITM graduates leave very satisfied. They are lifelong members of our alumni network, benefit from lasting scientific relations and, more often than not, return to the institute to enjoy further education.


1. Flexible programmes

To fill your professional and learning needs, you're able to mix and match elective courses at ITM and our partner institutions in the world. We also offer individual study programmes, lifelong learning opportunities and evening seminars.


2. We'll help make your professional dream a reality

Graduates have a wide variety of career paths to choose from, including public health, research, NGOs, governmental, academia and medical positions.


3. Experienced professors with personalised teaching styles

Your teachers are your study partners: they share their profound knowledge and skills, act as catalysts and push you to learn through personal participation. ITM professors are active in the field, collaborate for research purposes, and enjoy international recognition.


4. Over a century's worth of experience

Established in 1906, ITM has grown from a small training institution to an internationally recognised academic, scientific and medical institute, dedicating itself to help advance worldwide science and health for all.


5. Tailored student support

Our Student Support Services guide you every step of the way. Avoid feelings of stress and focus on what's most important.


Student experience

What's it really like to study at the institute? Discover what our graduates have to say about their experience at ITM.


Your studies at ITM

If you decide to study at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, you’ll soon find yourself in a lively, multicultural metropolis.

We strive to constantly develop and improve the quality of our education, deeply rooted in our educational vision and key principles.

Tuition fees

Our fees include the registration fee and the credit fee.


We manage a scholarships programme for selected students from low-resource settings.



At ITM, we value global connections and the opportunities they entail for students, staff and course programmes.

Alumni network

Stay globally connected even after completing your studies, thanks to our extensive alumni network. Join us today!

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Are you in the process of applying to ITM? Here you have quick access to the student portal to finish your application.

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Specialise in tropical medicine, international public health or global One Health at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp.

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