Our ambitions

ITM's aspirations are based on five pillars, which we continuously strive to improve. Education, research, medical services, capacity strengthening and management are all intrinsically intertwined in ITM's activities and endeavours.
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We internationally consolidated the quality, reputation and impact of our programmes in public health within a global alliance of like-minded schools of thought.

We structurally enhanced our curricula with digital and mixed instruction at the expert and/or master's level in the biomedical and clinical sciences.

We developed WikiTropica, in which we share and further build upon our expertise in tropical diseases and public health worldwide.

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We gained innovative insights in the cellular, molecular and environmental biology of Trypanosoma, Leishmania, Plasmodium, helminths, mycobacteria, HIV, and tropical viruses.

We developed innovative diagnostics, treatments and ways to combat these diseases.

We built up interdepartmental and interdisciplinary capacity to study and understand infectious epidemics and drug resistance of tropical origin.

We have internationally proven our expertise in the field of clinical trials.

We produced innovative, impactful contributions for universal health care through empirical and policy-making research, theory building, and knowledge management.

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Medical services

We furthered ourselves nationally and internationally as an undisputed point of reference in the niche.

We validated and structured scientific exchange between research and education.

We consolidated (an) efficient and sustainable business model.

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Capacity strengthening

We brought partnerships in Africa, Asia and Latin America to a level of true equality.

We consolidated these partnerships in terms of scientific contributions with global impact.

We renewed cooperation with Flemish knowledge centres.

We advanced the build-up of an active European network of similar institutions.

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We reformed our support and improvement processes to facilitate our core activities.

We achieved transparent and robust financial balance.

We developed talent-focused personnel policy.

We maintained up-to-date infrastructure and computer science.

We built up engaging and unifying communication policies and reputation management.